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Welcome to Arrow Bamboo

The kennels were found by Yuji Yatake in 1983, and have been run by Yuji ever since.
Yuji is one of the premier breeders of siberian huskies in Japan.
He was the first one who registered siberian husky at the Japan Kennel Club.
We are located in Kyoto, Japan.

Our services
training dogs for shows, handling, advices in feeding, breeding, training and grooming.
Arrow Bamboo is a member of the Japan Kennel Club and director of the Siberian Husky Club of North Osaka.

Kennel’s territory


Please feel free to contact us for more information about our kennels.
email: arrowbamboo0123@yahoo.co.jp
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Arrow Bamboo
c/o Yuji Yatake
6-1, Manganji, Nishibetsuin-cho
Kameoka-city, Kyoto

tel +81-(0)771-27-3360
fax +81-(0)771-27-3361

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  1. Hello Yuji:

    With the news of the horrible earthquake, I am concerned for your safety and that of your family, friends and dogs. My thoughts are with you. I hope your are doing well. You know me as Kathy Koch. My name has changed to Kathy Lawrence.

    Warm Regards,